At Bear Essentials, we offer small group and individual training for children and adults. Sessions are personalised to meet the needs of the group and take place all over Hong Kong. 



Provide sessions that cover the Bear Essential’s 8 fundamentals that help us perform and excel in any sport.


We strive to give children the fundamental skills that they need for any sporting opportunities.


We are fully committed to ensuring children get the most out of every session that they take part in.


AGE 12 +

We believe that children disengage in sport for a number of reasons and that we can help change this.  By focusing on basic movement patterns, increasing their speed and improving their strength, we aim to give children the confidence to play and compete in any sport.  Our progressive program allows children to improve at the correct level so that they continue to learn at their own pace. 

For 12 year olds and up, we begin to concentrate on more traditional strength movements and patterns allowing them to transfer safely into a weight room environment in the future.  Speed development is still our main aim but we will also start to individualise exercises depending on the athletes specific sport.


AGES 4 - 12

We recognise that not all children develop skills and abilities at the same age. By individualising and differentiating every section of the program on children’s ability, rather than their age, we feel the most amount of learning can be obtained.



Email us to make a booking at: bearessentialsltd@gmail.com



Working with individuals or small groups of children (4 children maximum) to develop specific skills required.



Larger group sessions of 5+ children. Sessions will be tailored to suit the age and ability of the groups. Please contact us directly to arrange a group session.


Venue specific costing

We offer a range of camps based at different venues throughout the year. Details will be made available for upcoming camps once venues re-open and COVID restrictions are lifted.


Our History

Mark was born and bred in Hong Kong and, after growing up as part of the HWI (Harry Wright International) family, he has always been actively involved in sport. He began his professional sporting career as one of the first Pro Rugby players in HK. After spending five years playing professional rugby in Japan and having his first child, Mark came back to HK and completed his teaching qualifications while still playing professionally with the HK 7s program at the Hong Kong Sports Institute. Having a family of his own he has seen first-hand the importance that sport can play in a child’s development.During his time teaching at schools in HK he has recognised that often some sports were more challenging for children to access. He believes that often this is attributed to children’s lack of basic fundamental ‘bear essentials’ that help them try their hand at different sports with confidence. The Bear Essentials session have therefore been planned to develop and focus on the ‘Bear 8’ in an attempt to promote a love of sports and outdoor activities.Mark believes that enjoyment and fun is the best way for children to learn and to create enthusiasm. This will be incorporated in to every session, creating a safe space where, with encouragement, children will learn to hone their skills with no fear of failure. He will use his teaching knowledge of best teaching practice and how children learn in an attempt to set correct attainment levels and challenge points to increase learning, keep focus, and create the most amount of enjoyment during each session.